dinsdag 10 november 2009

Comme Julia

I love Julia Restoin Roitfeld and her ultimate chic French look.
Even her beauty routine seems to be the total opposite of the American starletts nowadays.
The Shelby got a look around her New York appartement (what's an ultra chic parisian girl to do without a place on the other side of the ocean?) and I was blown away by how clean and modern it was. I could just see myself drinking some mint tea by her kitchen countertop.
Julia doesn't plaster on the foundation (as much as I love Lauren Conrad, she really needs to lay off the foundation...it ages her so much, there's nothing wrong with seeing some actual pores on a person's skin in my honest opinion) and sticks to the fundamental French make-up basics: a gorgeous red-but-not-too-red pout and a strong brow. She keeps her skin clean, soft and moisturized (I've read she uses baby oil as a make-up remover and cleanser, a must-try!), adds some definition to her brows (Bobbi Brown's Natural Brow Shaper works wonder and keeps all those little hairs in place. You can use a clear one or choose between a few colours. I highly recommend Rich Brown. This is also a great alternative for those who want a stronger (but not overpowering) brow but don't want to use a pencil. I don't either and resort to this lovely bit. Your brows are kept in place all day long, you can really define and shape them ànd if you use a coloured one, it fills in your brows nicely.).
Last but not least, for that jummy pout she has, beauty junkies out there should really check out Sérum de Rouge by Dior in Rosewood. Their newest addition is a very creamy, moisturizing, almost lip balm-like lipstick. The shades come out a little transparant, but very noticable at the same time. A very pretty and handy addition to your make-up bag (it will soon be in mine!). You can also spot some gorgeous nudes in the Sérum de Rouge collection.
Slather on that lipstick, groom those brows, snatch your little Chanel bag and put on those high heels.
Julia swears she never èver wears flats. She is, after all, from Paris and Parisian girls only wear high heels. Her words. Stop by your local bakery, get some macarons and face the cold, Parisian style.
As if there is a better way to start the day?!

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  1. She is so wonderfully inspiring! Her skin is so fair and the red lips really pops.