zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

Get carried away...

I've never been a clutch-lover, there is something inconvenient about holding a bag all the time. Especially without a handle. But that argument fell flat when I first saw that picture of Mélanie Huynh, making her way through Paris during the shows in an oh-so stylish manner. Everything about this picture falls perfectly into place, the blinding rays of the wintersun accompanied by a cold shiver through your spine that even the sun can't shake; her leather shorts worn with high heels which would look trashy on most of us, but work for Mélanie in combination with ther functional parka. And last but not least, this outfit could be a little more ordinary if it wasn't for that extra 'zing' her clutch brings. That perfect contrast of her colourful, well structured bag against her loose-fitting parka brings this outfit to another level.
I wasn't very much impressed by Balenciaga bags when the craze around them started some years ago. It was then they became the it-bag of the season, worn by hippie-chic celebrities, each one bigger and bolder than the other. It was just too much ... baggage. Too much focus on the bag itself, rather than the added value it brings to the outfit and the person carrying it. It seemed in instant fix, but it isn't. A bag alone does not a great outfit make.
The craze didn't last and celebrities quickly hopped onto the next trend.
Although the craze faded and their it-value dissolved, the bag itself maintained a group of loyal followers (such as blogger Caroline Blomst, who has a created quite a collection for herself) , who have always recognized the chic vibe of the Balenciaga brand and its iconic bag. They have always been great bags, made of impeccable materials in a variety of amazing colours and now that less and less of the unfashionable of this world (keep away Paris H.!) are wearing them, their appeal is only growing. And what a colourful appeal, I might add.

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vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Follow the leader...

Elle's great taste is not only reflected in her very chic lingerie collection Elle Macpherson Intimates, it's also obvious in her wardrobe choices.
Here she is, leaving the Louis Vuitton fall 2010 show in Paris showcasing a perfect outfit for in between seasons.
While we are all dying to wear our camel-coloured coats this winter, the weather isn't up to it yet. It's a peculiar situation in which we are all longing for winter fashion, but are dreading the thought of winter itself!
Follow Elle's example in the months following September, when the cold hasn't hit us yet and our coats will be to hot to bear! Layer up on Isabel Marant's too cool Chanel-ish jackets, resort to Topshop or Belgian brands Chine and Essentiel for a great leather legging, put on a warm cashmere scarf and don't forget your sunnies! Winter will be here faster than you can imagine, so enjoy fall while it's still here (in a short while).

donderdag 29 juli 2010

My love is being tested...

Things that send me to fashion heaven aren't that rare, but they aren't that numerous either. Lots of items bring forward an excited 'oooh' or 'aaah', but fail to leave a lasting imprint on my heart. Only few items get my blood flowing everytime I spot them...

Among these, you will find Louis Vuitton's Stephen Sprouse scarf, which is so soft to touch and luxurious, it is the Scarf of all Scarves.

Second, there are those little pieces of art created by Christian Louboutin. How envious I was when I first laid eyes upon Elisa Sednaoui's shoe closet!

Third, walking by Hermes every day hasn't done me any favors and my longing for an 'H' bangle (preferably green or orange coloured and gold) is increasing daily.

I could mention some more (which items have that effect on you, my dear readers?), but they all fail in comparison to that one item that gives me a fashion O just thinking about it.

I am talking about the bag of all bags, the Quilted Chanel Bag.

The QCB was soon to be mine. I had finally managed to come to peace with its steep price (it is a classic after all!) and was looking forward to carrying Coco the QCB around town, filling it with my quintessential daily necessities.

My love (and my wallet, for that matter) is, however, being tested by a greater force: Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl much rather have his baby remain an exclusive item, so he decided to implement a worldwide price increase on all Chanel bags. The increase isn't small either, all Chanel bags (including my black caviar with gold hardware QCB) will become a whopping 20 % more expensive.

So here I am, debating my purchase and evaluating that ever present question: want versus need. Sigh...

Where do you all stand on the Chanel price increase?

woensdag 7 juli 2010

No one does it better ....

.... than Peter Philips for Chanel.

Yes, I know, I've proclaimed my love for his work many times before, but the girls at Chanel HC Fall / Winter 2010 looked so iconic, so chic, that I could not resist another Peter Post!

The already gorgeous Bianca Balti looked radiant and so did Ana, Freja and all the others.

With very little makeup on their faces except for Rouge Coco in Rivoli, the attention was not drawn away from the clothes. So it should be. It was Haute Couture after all!

They came across as empowered, modern women. They could hold their own in a though world, but have not lost touch with their feminine side. This woman is a glamourous one. She's not afraid to turn a few heads while she's at it.

I would like to end this post by saying that I love how this is just such a wearable look. Especially for Haute Couture! Yes, you will get some looks, but if you rock this look the right way, then they can only be good / envious ones. Who's afraid of a little attention anyway!

*the man in the first picture is not my sweet Peter, but the Haidresser with the Magic Touch, who perfected the Tousled Look, Sam McKnight *

dinsdag 6 juli 2010

The Talented Miss Lively

From Surfer Babe ....

.... to über-stylish Parisienne

What look CAN'T Miss Lively rock?
Spotted in Paris while filming the newest season of Gossip Girl, the young actress - blessed with the most amazingly beautiful hair I might add- was wearing slim electric blue pants with sky-high heels, a white shirt and a very glamourous sparkly blazer/top.
As this look takes a lot of courage in real life, you can soften it by ditching the heels for tan gladiator sandals and pairing the tee with a camel blazer. You could also keep it edgy by pairing those magnificant blue pants with a though ankleboot, the same basic white tee and a brownish/reddish/copper-ish linnen blazer. Finish the look with a smaller bag and go easy on the accessories.
You will have to create gossip surrounding you for yourself, though that might not be a problem in an outfit like this!

I'm back!

Dear readers,
after exams and a lot of changes (my boyfriend and I have moved in together) I can finally resume my posting!
My exams went well and I found out yesterday that I will be officially graduating with a Master-degree in September! It's a relief to find out that I have passed and I can focus on more exciting things from now on, such as more beauty reviews and thoughts about all things fashion!

zondag 13 juni 2010

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry for my continuing lack of updates! I'm facing one more exam and will resume my posting afterwards!

See you soon!