donderdag 29 juli 2010

My love is being tested...

Things that send me to fashion heaven aren't that rare, but they aren't that numerous either. Lots of items bring forward an excited 'oooh' or 'aaah', but fail to leave a lasting imprint on my heart. Only few items get my blood flowing everytime I spot them...

Among these, you will find Louis Vuitton's Stephen Sprouse scarf, which is so soft to touch and luxurious, it is the Scarf of all Scarves.

Second, there are those little pieces of art created by Christian Louboutin. How envious I was when I first laid eyes upon Elisa Sednaoui's shoe closet!

Third, walking by Hermes every day hasn't done me any favors and my longing for an 'H' bangle (preferably green or orange coloured and gold) is increasing daily.

I could mention some more (which items have that effect on you, my dear readers?), but they all fail in comparison to that one item that gives me a fashion O just thinking about it.

I am talking about the bag of all bags, the Quilted Chanel Bag.

The QCB was soon to be mine. I had finally managed to come to peace with its steep price (it is a classic after all!) and was looking forward to carrying Coco the QCB around town, filling it with my quintessential daily necessities.

My love (and my wallet, for that matter) is, however, being tested by a greater force: Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl much rather have his baby remain an exclusive item, so he decided to implement a worldwide price increase on all Chanel bags. The increase isn't small either, all Chanel bags (including my black caviar with gold hardware QCB) will become a whopping 20 % more expensive.

So here I am, debating my purchase and evaluating that ever present question: want versus need. Sigh...

Where do you all stand on the Chanel price increase?

2 opmerkingen:

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  2. Oh my gosh, I was devastated - it went up a whopping $800 USD! I can see the logic in not wanting it to be everywhere, but then again, is it really democratic to impose a 40% price increase in the space of 2 years?

    My love is being tested too! Ooh curse the mean person who stole my original beloved 2.55 bag!! I want her back!

    Miss B xx