zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

Get carried away...

I've never been a clutch-lover, there is something inconvenient about holding a bag all the time. Especially without a handle. But that argument fell flat when I first saw that picture of Mélanie Huynh, making her way through Paris during the shows in an oh-so stylish manner. Everything about this picture falls perfectly into place, the blinding rays of the wintersun accompanied by a cold shiver through your spine that even the sun can't shake; her leather shorts worn with high heels which would look trashy on most of us, but work for Mélanie in combination with ther functional parka. And last but not least, this outfit could be a little more ordinary if it wasn't for that extra 'zing' her clutch brings. That perfect contrast of her colourful, well structured bag against her loose-fitting parka brings this outfit to another level.
I wasn't very much impressed by Balenciaga bags when the craze around them started some years ago. It was then they became the it-bag of the season, worn by hippie-chic celebrities, each one bigger and bolder than the other. It was just too much ... baggage. Too much focus on the bag itself, rather than the added value it brings to the outfit and the person carrying it. It seemed in instant fix, but it isn't. A bag alone does not a great outfit make.
The craze didn't last and celebrities quickly hopped onto the next trend.
Although the craze faded and their it-value dissolved, the bag itself maintained a group of loyal followers (such as blogger Caroline Blomst, who has a created quite a collection for herself) , who have always recognized the chic vibe of the Balenciaga brand and its iconic bag. They have always been great bags, made of impeccable materials in a variety of amazing colours and now that less and less of the unfashionable of this world (keep away Paris H.!) are wearing them, their appeal is only growing. And what a colourful appeal, I might add.

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  1. Great photos! I really, really love your blog.

    That pink purse is sooo beautiful!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. Thank you for your sweet comment Zabrinah!

  3. I really love your blog, and I totally agree with this peace about clutch and Balenciaga! and I love balenciaga clutch more than I like the bag, that overwhelms me because I 've seen it almost everywhere and everykind!

    Bizù *

  4. i am a big clutch girl.. im not a bag person at all, i'd much rather like to have a little clutch tucked under my arm whenever i go about. that's the way! although you can't fit hardly anything in them, but they are so beautiful.


  5. love the balenciaga bag, already have it in to much colours cuz you can combine it with everything.
    love the post
    x Laura

  6. that Balenciaga bag is the bomb! and i always love holding a clutch bag :)