donderdag 8 april 2010

Fresh like a Lily

Doesn't Lily Donaldson look fantastic here, leaving the Louis Vuitton show in Paris?

Right on the utility chic trend, she is sporting a great parka (on my to-get-list for this summer!) and pairing it with skintight (leather?) pants, a simple and clean white tee, a furry vest and last but not least a statement necklace. And I didn't even mention those (I am not sure, but I am guessing) YSL booties!

Her make-up (from the Vuitton show) is gorgeous, very nude and natural, leaving Lily looking radiant!

For more inspiration for the utility chic trend, which is a more relaxed, softer version of the military trend, look to Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant. Think neutral tones, soft shades, like khaki and faded blue.

I am in love with this outfit and this trend, it's so spot on and just perfect for spring and summer. You'll look casual, but chic. It's much more wearable than the military trend, which can be a bit harsh and too much of a (iek!) 'trend', while this, I think, comes more natural to a lot of women.

For a great parka, check or stop by your local Zara, where I am sure you'll find a great one for a decent price!

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  1. Nice blog...with a lot of inspirations and great tips...
    thank you for sharing it:)

  2. She's got such a great style and fresh face
    fashion editor Rhiannon Bulley

  3. She's looks amazing! Love the dark green parka so much! I need one, but I'll have to wait for fall!