woensdag 21 april 2010


Dear readers,

I received my trousers from http://www.theoutnet.com/ today. They are so beautiful, so well made, but they are not 'me'. They are a little different than I imagened them, but great nonetheless.

It's just a shame I won't wear them so I've decided to sell them as someone else will love them like they deserve and they would only hang in my closet.

The tag is still on them, I've only tried them on once. They are obviously in perfect condition.

They run a XS / size 0. The material is 100% pure silk and very soft. I will include the bag they came in from theoutnet, which is a re-usable one.

They retail for about 1.013 euros, but I'll sell them for around 200 euros. Off course, you can always make an offer that is in that price range. I would not do returns or refunds that would make matters complicated and I am not an onlineshop, just someone selling something that I thought would be different.

If you like a harem-ish trouser, you'll love this one!

I will post some pictures tomorrow and if you are interested, just make a comment, your comment won't be visible if you don't want it to be.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me! I'm devastated, but i'm a Medium so I fear they'll be too tiny for me (as much as I wish I were an XS, hehe). But my friend would definitely be interested. I'll let her know - how much were you thinking?

    Will also check with my friend re: having your own treasure box necklace made and how much this would be.

    Briony xx

  2. P.S. can you let me know when you've got pictures (I can't find the Polyvore one on your page anymore) and i'll show my friend :)