donderdag 6 mei 2010

A closet full of Louboutin and leather

She is the newest fashion darling and the current sweetheart of Karl Lagerfeld and Diane Von Furstenberg (who wrote a great article about her for V magazine).
Her name is Elisa Sednaoui and she is a force to be reckoned with.
Born in Italy in 1987, this stunner has quite the international flair. She's lived in Italy, France, New York and has traveled the world since taking the modeling world by storm. She's also taking small steps into the acting scene and has just finished a french movie titled 'Neither before nor after'. You can also see her in some of Christian Louboutin's short films. She was a given choice for Mr. Louboutin as he is her Godfather. Yes. You heard me. Her GODFATHER! You're thinking 'Oh-My-God-Her-Closet-Must-Be-Filled-With-Gorgeous-Shoes-With-To-Die-For-Red-Soles' right? And yes. Yes it is. If you are dying with envy, but cannot resist to take a little peek into her (minimalistic downtown) wardrobe, go ahead and check the Youtube video I've linked.
After Karl's approval (she was his 'date' to the Met) and the personality that matches those looks, I have no doubt we'll hear so much more from her in the near future.

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  1. She is completely beautiful, and i'm green with envy about the perks that must come from being so close to Christian AND Karl (lucky girl!)

    Miss B xx

  2. she is so beautiful! Lucky lucky girl! xx

  3. great pics ! :D

    if u want check out my new pics!

  4. You got me at "born in Italy" lol! I just love anything and everything Italian! She's gorgeous!

  5. She looks stunning!
    Love her style!

  6. HI! I noticed you commented on the Jak & Jill blog!
    The girl in the post is wearing leather pants by the anti-diffusion label of myPetsQuare, called sQ!
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    PS Love your blog!

  7. I cant believe she's my age..she seems so much older! Her legs go on for days, jealous.