maandag 24 mei 2010

Meet me in Saint-Tropez

Ah, Karl.

You made my heart skip a beat - yet again - with your beautiful Cruise collection.

What an ingenious idea it was of you to have the models walk as if they were wandering around Saint-Tropez on their private holiday.

Some in their Chanel bikinis, having just left the beach to get a menthe-à-l'eau, others leaving their yacht on their way to a dinnerparty in the sunset where they enjoy Ricard with their friends.

You also continued the mood you set in 'Remember now', the lovely short film you directed, starring Elisa Sednaoui, Pascal Gregory, Heidi Mount and Abbey Lee Kershaw among others. It was a great choice to let the true actors of the group have the leading roles and let the models have a smaller part. And yes, we will remember 'now', as you've shown in your film that icons like Bardot and Birkin are irreplaceable, but the present will provide us with new ones. And what a perfect setting for all this. Saint-Tropez. Where legends live and parties are 24/7.

Oh, and I also loved those sweet little cocktail dresses you showed! Hitting all the right curves on Crystal Renn, fitting perfectly on the tiny frame of pretty Hanne Gaby Odiele, you've showed that yes, Chanel dresses ARE for everyone!

And no Karl, I wouldn't mind being caught in one of them. So feel free to send over one or more items from your Cruise Collection. Or, you know what, all of them would be fine as well. I would be happy to provide a decent home for them. Especially the last one below, one that is similar to a blue and white Chanel dress worn by Keira Knightley, another one of your favorites, during her Atonement press tour. It's not hard to know why the model wearing this oh-so-pretty dress is beaming with joy. I know I would too...

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Love it, great collection!
    x Robine

  2. Ooh, wasn't it just beautiful? I'm sure Karl can do no wrong...

    Miss B xx