dinsdag 29 september 2009

Bubbles! Nothing but Bubbles!

Are you all feeling the weather too?

I'm in my final year at the university of Ghent and it's all sniffs and snuffs during class. You've guessed it, a very bacteria-friendly environment. Nothing like a bunch of red-nosed coughing twentysomethings packed together in a relatively small space.


The only thing that kept me going during a gruelling class of over 4 hours (one can only take that much... eh....) was the knowledge that it would not take me that long once I would be home to fill up my bath and soak away in a blissful world of BUBBLES... Aaaah....

There's nothing like an hour of pretending the world does not exist and there is only...bubbles, glorious bubbles!

If you prefer oil to bubbles (I do too sometimes. It depends on how much I've been mentally tortured during class, I swear when my brain is FULL my body gets its revenge) I highly recommend Kneipp bath oil (the lavender one is AMAZING and the eucalyptus one does wonders during wintertime, say bye-bye stuffed nose) or Dr. Hauschka.

I put on a face mask and let my worries dissappear...

The Body Shop seems to be aiming at people just like me with their new line of aromatherapy products : I know for a fact you will feel like a million dollars after a massage from your boyfriend with their Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil (another to-do tonight, he just doesn't know yet. In my opinion it's just one of those Boyfriend Duties... after all, I listen to his endless car stories like a good girlfriend). But if it's just you tonight, reach for their Deep Sleep Comforting Milk Bath Float and treat yourself with their complementing body moisturizer.

Bye-bye thoughts of the not-so-pretty sight of my dearest costudents fighting off the Attack of the Germs,
welcome (!) Sweet Lavender Infused Dreams...

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