zaterdag 12 september 2009

Light blue much?

Many bloggers have been raving about Jade, the new nail color by Chanel.

Yes, I agree, the color in itself is fabulous, very fresh and clean and very pretty when worn on a well groomed set of nails.

The other requirement is a neutral palette of clothes. Too much of a good thing is .... well ... never a good thing.

I like Jade, but I would never wear it, even if I would fill in all the requirements above, I just would not wear it. The thought of sitting in a nice café and handing out the change to pay for my drinks and seeing the waitress looking at my blue nails while at the same time mistaking me for a twelve year old little girl is just not up my alley.

Yes, it is beautiful on the runway.

Yes, it is youthful and fresh.

No, it is just not me.

Call me old-fashioned (I assure you, I am not) but I'll take a Rouge Noir or soft pink shade above that beautiful light green any day.

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