woensdag 30 september 2009


Debating over whether to buy these boots I found at Zara or not.

I think they are pretty similar to the ones Maryna Linchuk is wearing. The leather is amazing quality and the sole is pretty thick, which is necessary for someone who walks everywhere like me. For 100 euro they are a bargain in my honest opinion.

They slouch. Which...I like, but dislike at the same time. I like that they are so tough, but it's the girly part in me that is screaming "Noooo! Buy some heels!". But they are perfect for wintertime, so I probably will buy them anyway.

Plus the heels.

I can't help myself.

Sometimes a girl needs some options.

1 opmerking:

  1. these. boots. are. FANTASTIC> OMG! the slouch is great! soooo great! this comment is completely incoherent i'm just so overcome with desire and jealousy that we don't have a zara in australia (although apparently one will be coming soon, not soon enough!)

    ahhh get them. GET THEM! haha. im living vicariously through you.


    ps. thanks for you comment on my blog! online purchases are the best. :)