woensdag 7 oktober 2009

Natural according to Stella

Stella McCartney sent her models down the runway looking radiant, healthy (except for Anja Rubik, who is a shadow of who she was a couple of years ago) and most of all, happy. We even caught the super Natasha "the Walk" Poly giving the audience and photographers a supersmile! Enter the return of The Happy Model, as opposed to those stern looks on an army of anonymous models. Designers finally took notice and treated fashion the way it should be treated: as an escape from reality. Reality being economic crisis, escape being beautiful, happy people wearing gorgeous colourful clothes. Thank you, Stella.

Our favorite vegetarian looked very beautiful, glowing skin and all! I wonder if she treated the models with her organic skincare line Nude... You could not spot one girl without seemingly super soft skin. It was moisturized to the core! Hair was given a wash and did not need a whole bunch of product (hurray!). Lashes were curled (a beauty must! Get that Shu Uemura eyelash curler!). Lips were tinted with a light gloss (don't do overly glossy lips, you just want them to look moist and well taken care off). Cheeks were touched with an almost bronzy blush (a very sparkly, but very good highlighter is Shimmer Brick in Nude by Bobbi Brown, will last you a lifetime and you can use the individual shades for your eyes, they are very pigmented so you can layer up) and eyebrows were filled in a little bit.
Don't be fooled, this no make-up make-up look needs a tad of work, you want to look polished, but not overdone. Natural, but still with the help of a make-up brush. We are not all Natalia Vodianova, most of us need a bit of work. But that is, off course, what is exciting about make-up!

Our dearest Stella furthermore announced she wanted to return to easy fashion. Perhaps as a response to an overload of Balmain, shoulderpads and eighties fashion, she questioned a real woman's desire for the harsh fashion we have been seeing on the runway the latest seasons.
Hence, she wanted to make use of colour, flowy ànd flowery dresses. I love her new collection and look forward to seeing it on the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Bosworth.
Natural has never been so enticing.

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  1. second shot is so vivacious. love it

  2. I love the first pic of natalia vodianova. she's so flawless and pretty! :)



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