vrijdag 2 oktober 2009

I Heart Poppy

Poppy Delevigne is the next hot thing around town, so watch out for her. A former London socialite (eat your heart out, Paris Hilton) and the daughter of Pandora Stevens (who holds a high position at Selfridge's), she is soon conquering the fashion scene as a model.

She does a great job at setting off her fresh face with a british quirkiness in the way she dresses, while still managing to look grown-up chic.

It is no wonder Karl Lagerfeld recently chose her among others to be brand ambassadors for Chanel.

I mean...what. a. great. job.
From now on my dream is to be Brand Ambassador for Chanel. Come on!

Karl, who probably is not unaware of the outburst of envy this has on other women, has even named his little group of five chosen ones "Les Fidèles de Chanel".

Too much. Can not handle this. They should give out membership cards.

But we have to give credit where credit is due, Poppy's general happy attitude combined with her flair for fashion and her proclaimed "love for Chanel" (Name one woman (ONE!) who would not happily proclaim her L.O.V.E. for Chanel. One.) make her an ideal modern muse.

FASHIONAIR agrees with me and made a little feature film about Poppy titled "Poppy hearts London".

Click on the link below and let Poppy be your personal tourguide and show you her favorite places in London.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. She's got great style and is very pretty! love her outfit in the second photo :)

    great post!



  2. @ Natalie

    Thank you for your comment Natalie! I checked out your blog, love it!
    Poppy indeed has a great style, she's great at making very feminine pieces edgy, which I love!

  3. I looooooove poppy so so so much! she's one of those socialite girls that i've been obsessed with since poring over my mother's tatler back in the day. her and sophia hesketh.

    and yes, brand ambassador for chanel would be beyond incredible. a pipe dream at the moment though. *sigh*


    ps glad you got the boots! they will be an investment buy, i'm sure of it :)