dinsdag 16 maart 2010

Les Fidèles - Part Deux

"I sold my soul to Karl Lagerfeld"

Wouldn't you?

I blogged about Les Fidèles de Chanel in a previous post.
In the video below, Style.com's Derek Blasberg talks to the fashionable Chanel ambassadors on the launch of the new Rouge Coco lipstick.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. awesome video, derek is a lottt funnier than i thought he would be. actually everyone in the video was a lot funnier than i thought they would be. esp daphne's shoutout.

    hah great blog


  2. I know right (Derek being funnier than presumed!). I always thought the same thing as well, then I saw this video and he's so funny and sweet!

    Thank you for your post :-)