maandag 22 maart 2010

Spring has arrived ... in our wardrobes

For those who don't know her, the stylish lady in the picture above is Hanneli Mustaparta. She used to be a model and currently works for MTV Norway. But the reason most of us know her, is because of her blog, where she delights us with her amazing eye.
Her photographs are spot-on. She seeks out the most amazing images in the fashion world.
It's great to see the world through her eyes. I applaud her creativity and her personal style, which is always daring, edgy and stylish at the same time.
I particularly enjoy this ensemble.
It totally embodies the modern Chloé woman and is the perfect spring outfit.
It's practical, light, comfortable, feminine, elegant.
It's perfect to wear to a job interview, to go shopping with your girlfriends. You can add some heels and enjoy a great dinner with your boyfriend in style or have a drink at your favorite bar in the sun, now the weather is finally "heating up" (A bit. I know. Wishful thinking.).
It's got a slight tomboyish vibe to it, which always makes me feel great. I like outfits that are feminine, but aren't too much.
Proving that you don't need to break the bank to look great ànd get some investment pieces, Hanneli is mixing Zara (the blazer, which I will be looking for), Mulberry (the bag, the Alexa to be more specific), American Apparel (the shirt) and Acne (the pants).
Killer style ànd budget minded, how can you not love her!

*credit for the picture goes to Hanneli herself,*

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