woensdag 31 maart 2010

Boy meets Girl

This picture of model Liu Wen is just instant cool.
After a hint of spring, it's been raining constantly, so this would be a perfect outfit to wear and face this horrid weather. Liu looks perfect, but not too 'done' and exudes a little bit of a boyish vibe, which in my opinion always lifts a look to a higher level. While I am not a total fan of the cut and fit of her coat, it all works very well together and I especially like those Chloé-ish boots she's wearing. If she would have put on high heels, it would have been an entirely different look.
Most importantly, she looks so comfortable in her outfit. She is wearing the look, not the other way around. Without a doubt she likes what she put on that morning and even if some people dont, everyone can acknowledge she's confident in what she is wearing. And that, my darlings, is exactly what makes or breaks a look.

*credit for the picture goes to www.altamiranyc.blogspot.com *

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